Artist Pays Tribute To Van Halen At NYC Subway Station

There have been a lot of tributes to Eddie Van Halen since he passed away last week, and one artist in New York created a pretty great one. New York City street artist Adrian Wilson changed the sign at the Van Siclen Ave subway station in Brooklyn to read "Van Halen Ave." 

“Come on people! I even explained on TV how this works and how easy it is. A famous person dies, look up the name of a subway stop and put a sticker over it to memorialize the person. It's that easy!,” he explained on social media. “I left it 4 days for someone else to head to Brooklyn and take the credit but nobody stepped up, so ok, I guess I've got to do it myself... you're welcome.”

This isn’t the first time Adrian has pulled off a similar tribute. He did so last month when Ruth Bader Ginsberg died. Check it out below. 

Source: Brooklyn Vegan 

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