Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Talks Taylor Swift Collab

It’s been ten years since Def Leppard and Taylor Swift delivered an unlikely joint performance for CMT’s “Crossroads.” Now, Joe Elliott is reflecting on the moment, as well as giving a little background into how it all came together.

Elliott says that his people got in touch with Swift after the band learned she had said in an interview that the “only band that she would ever do a ‘Crossroads’ with was Def Leppard.” Comparing it to the idea of performing with a fellow rock group like Bon Jovi, Elliott says he was happy about the opportunity to shake things up.

“I loved the idea of something that’s gonna either piss people off or they go, good for you for doing something different,” he notes. “I don’t see the point in us doing a song with Bon Jovi, I’d prefer the idea of Jon doing a song with like, Tom Waits, or Elvis Costello with Motorhead.

Source: Rolling Stone

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